Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!

This is a very special Birthday... I have receive the gift of enjoying to be me. It sounds so simple doesn't it, but it took me 56 years. After our journey on the Queen Mary II, visiting many museums in London and Paris, noted the dates of the paintings. "So, how long DID it take for him to paint this painting?"
Hmmm.... Some masters took years to finish a painting, why can't I?

I can!
No longer am I going to follow someone else footsteps, no longer am I going to compare myself to anyone else. I am here to give love and guidance those who cross my path. I am going to enjoy the minute, the hour, the day. Enjoy the small things through out the day. My Daddy has passed but his spirit has come to me, I can feel it. I am not one that needs to be in art shows every week, I don't need to win ribbons, and God knows I don't need street art shows.

Was that a nightmare!
All the work, for what? To hear people say, "oh, you are really good"! For God Sake, I know I am good, I do it because I love it. It is a passion and if my passion works through-out the day, that is great. If it take a break, that's great too. Something else needs to be done that moment, and I will listen.

Thank you for coming to me and helping me see the light. I know my Dad is here opening my eyes. What a wonderful birthday gift I received.
What a wonderful party I had, so much love from John, so much love from all my friends.
Thank You.