Monday, October 23, 2023

Welcome Back!

It's been many years since I have posted anything on my Blog. I thought one lung cancer fight was enough, but I was wrong. It came back before I made my three-year "clear" anniversary. And it has taken three additional years to feel kinda (not normal). 

It feels great to have my creativity back, and I am creating so many beautiful pieces I have to share.

My Marine Life sculpture collection has really grown; Mom and the kids were born at the Big New Foundry in Los Angeles, and Master Patina Erin did a perfect job blending the golds, greens, blues, and the reef of Burnt Sienna and gold for the base. Excellent. I will present the Marine Life sculptures independently, keeping me in control of my work.

Did you know Garibaldi juveniles have brilliant blue spots all over them? They grow out of their spots.

Mama and the Kids
Mama Garibaldi and Babies