Saturday, February 28, 2015

Out of her Shell....

After hammering out the large pieces of ceramic, the base stingray looks fantastic.
Now the work begins to clean her up, cutting off the spurs, which were the channels that deliever the bronze to the sculpture. (Originally rods of wax which turn to bronze)First step is sand blasting, followed by grinding, sanding, polishing then adding a tint called "Patina"
The other rays will be welded to the base with kelp as their support.
Out of the shell come a beautiful bronze base

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Pouring the Base

Today was the pour of the base stingray "Peeking" out of the sand. It was a exciting yet, bit stressful day as I have seen what can happen if the spurs are not set correctly. Blow-Up time. After spending about fifty hours building the base and creating the texture of sand in a slab of wax, the last thing an artist wants to see is their piece in "Pieces" Daniel was coaching me; "Always watch your feet and everyone elses." In other words, make sure there is nothing under your feet when you are handling 2200 degrees of molten bronze.
Getting Ready for 1700 degrees "burn-out" wax

Daniel giving me waring about "Watching Out the Feet"

2200 degree Bronze

My First Pour

Amazing if I must so say

Texture of the sand is perfect

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Wowo... Looks whos on the cover of the Coast New 24th Feburary

Arts Alive 2015 Feburary...
June 7th Auction begins at Cardiff Seaside Market Center
Come Bid #24 is Yogi Surf Crossing ! See you there!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Great Day at the Foundry.

Amazing day learning more attachments for the Drumel Tool. Yes, I am excited to learn what tool grinds down bronze after the big angle grinder, its a Carbite steel bit! Now, I know why guys feel so mucho, holding that tool and feeling the 20,000 rpm WOWOOWowowo. Daddy, are you watching over me?

Hardhat, gloves, eye protection, mask clothes from the thrift store, I am ready to grind away.
Dunked kelp in wax, used the sander, began spurring the base of the Trio. Its a great day at the Foundry.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Ocean Dancer II the first steps

After heating up the bronze agite to 2,400 degrees it is time to pour. The shell is stablized before the bronze is added.

The Crucible is the glowing orange pot that holds the molten bronze

Within hours an artist is able to clip away and see their sculpture

Bronze Trio being Created

Many hours cleaning, grinding, sawing, clipping away at the ceramic shell, bits of bronze that are not part of the sculpture takes days of work and lots of patience. It is all worth the amazing reward of the finished project.
from wax to rough, then grind

Sand Blast

1st Polish of many