Thursday, September 24, 2015

Picture Tell Thousand Words

Rough first thought for piece

Pie tin makes great base

The pieces are complete, time to assemble them in a way that can give the welders an idea on how to put the pieces together. I have learned to draw everything out, explain everything over and over again. Remember one person’s yellow is another person’s Cadmium Yellow Light, same with sculpture, draw out the design so everyone gets the “picture” of what you want.

That being said, I took cardboard, wire, paper, glue and a pie tin with Duct tape to create a very rough 3D image of the sculpture. It give me a visual guide, to see if I am on track. It gives the foundry an idea on how I would like the project to look. Which is turn, gives the people that are doing the welding ideas to help me improve the position of all the parts.

Cardboard makes great pedals

Monday, September 7, 2015

She's has to sit on something!

The Flower

Word of caution; when presenting a quote, you better be darn sure you are giving an estimate and let the client know. I am grateful my client gave me full range to create. I had this beautiful butterfly “Hanging in mid-air”, what to do, but create a flower!
This is where the term OMG really fits.
The designs of Art Nouveau came to mind. I love the lines and curves, the flower will have the feeling of movement. The butterfly will be sitting upon the a pedal, yes we add legs and antenna into the quote. 
Very involved! Many many hours labor.

Here's a link to share the beauty of Nouveau

The flower has large and small pedals, three each along with the base being three additional pedals. Next is the stem, three pieces designed to be welded together.
What does all this mean?
I went way over budget! Thirteen pieces over, that is intense labor! Thank goodness my client was very understanding, and it taught me a big lesson. It’s a very special gift and he loved the idea. I was lucky. I could have just given a bud for the butterfly to sit on.
Wire Mesh crates the pedals

Working on ideas for the stem