Monday, September 5, 2016

Sneak Preview
29th of August brought much excitement, the beginning of the Patina process. Adding a mixture of different chemicals creates the tint on the medal. It' applied with a brush in a "Dibby Dab" technique which my oil painter instructor would not approve. The reason; the artist holds a torch in one hand applying heat to the medal. The other hand is applying the chemicals, within seconds the tint shows up along with the marks of the brush. One wants the tint to appear like airbrush or whatever technique they choose. With a smooth surface, I chose blended appearance.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Photos worth a thousand words....
Trying to imagine where to place the rays and kelp was a challenge. Lots of planning and thinking. 

"Chasing" is finished, sand blasting, polishing, gridding, polishing all
in the love of Bronze

Remember the "real" kelp wax form?
Here stands "Real Kelp" in Bronze

Placement is good.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Setting Up Rays

The process continues:
Making the wax mold, spurring the wax form for the bronze of flow into, the ceramic shell, then the molden bronze. After the bronze cools down from the 2200 degrees, the time consuming task of "Chasing" cleaning up the ceramic; gridding off the shell, sand blasting, sanding, gridding and polishing.
Setting up the placement

Real Kelp bronzed to add a special touch

Ready for Patina (tint to medal)

Saturday, June 18, 2016

It has been an exciting few months at Off Track Gallery in Encinitas, CA. We are a community art guild and my paintings have been selling. Also, won a few first place ribbons and Best in Show! Those are posted on my Facebook page.
I have been thinking about galleries for the bronze and in the works of finding a home for the pieces. Also ready to create a new piece.
Five rays & kelp ready to be staged

Mold making is very important, it creates the perfect wax replication of the clay piece 

Dahlia is a perfectionist in making the wax mold flawless, which in turn makes
the bronze casting easier to work on