Saturday, January 31, 2015

First polishing after the grinder, then sand blasted

Today, the third ray will be spurred and the larger Ocean Dancer II will be poured.

First Cleaning

Process of Casting

Bronze casting is very extensive

Once an artist creates a clay sculpture, a wax mold is created. The ray on the front right is raw bronze before any sanding has taken place.

Friday, January 9, 2015

"Sculpture Works Inc" at has a wonderful web page that explains all the steps involved in creating a bronze sculpture.
Click the link " Go Bronze" and enjoy!
Go Bronze

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Today was a new experience, using the tool called the "Angle Grinder", it sawed off the spurs which were attached to the "Twins", they were poured together and are apart of the "Trio". Also, worked on cleaning up the wax molds of Ocean Dancer II and creating more sand on the base for the trio.
Ocean Dancer II 

Ocean Dancer II 

One of Three..."Peek-a-Boo" in the "Sand"

The Twins were poured first, they will be "Swimming" above the
Ray who is in the sand.

Ready to be Sand Blasted, cleaned, polished and presented

Different Angle

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Between the Encinitas Street Banner and preparing to launch an Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign for Ocean Dancer II, it has been a very busy New Years Week.

Creating the banner went pretty fast, because the design was from my painting as well as the T-shirt design. The difficult part developed when I purchased an acrylic painting pen to do the bronze outline. The rough tip of the applicator took off the original paint, then the paint come out of the applicator too watery, cleanup time. Secondly, Angel my kitty got her tail in the lime green paint, cleanup time number two. Holding kitties’ tail was not an easy task, wiping it with a paper towel caused the paint to get onto other parts of her tail. Over to the sink we moved, tail in water and organic soap. What a chore.

Third adventure, the black marker that was used to outline the sign bled when applying the clear-coat UV protection. Interesting, the surfer was painted with the same pen and it only bled slightly, but why? The marker was acrylic for painting? Well, it’s finished!