Monday, April 8, 2013

Creating Facemask from Alginate~ Mermaid

This is my fourth project in sculpture class, I am hooked. It’s all about creating with your hands and I am “SO THERE”.  We are creating a facemask starting with Alginate,
if we wish it can be altered.  I’m adding starfish to create a Mermaid face. I had it photographed, so it will be on YouTube soon. Stay tuned.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Learning to set up a blog has been a challenge, seems like everything has changed in the last three years, but it always does on the Web, right? Currently, I am unable to edit the,  so I'll add a few lines here.

I decided to post the on-goings of my create thinking. The projects which I have started while attending community college. I have notice that there is far less stress outside the "Private Fine Art School", which opens up the creative process on a relaxed level. Feeling free to "Play" rather than create in a structured matter. Structure is needed to learn the correct ways, but once learned I think I'm ready to have fun.

Ready to cut loose!

I signed up for Sculpture and Painting from Life.