Monday, April 28, 2014

I am preparing for my first Mother's Day Art & Garden tour with the San Dieguito Artist Guild in Encinitas, CA through Off Track Gallery,It is an exciting 2-Day event, May 10-11. 10-4pm. Lots of work, since this is my first time.
Preparing all the painting with prices and merchandizing so all looks nice.
The most exciting step is showing the finished product of Ocean's Dancer,
my Bronze Sting Ray.

This is how it all began;
I love the ocean. Surfing, SCUBA diving, bodysurfing; the ocean has been an important part of my life for as long as I can remember. While on a night dive at La Jolla Shores I witnessed the beauty of hundreds of dancing bat rays enjoying the delicacies of the squid spawning. Gently gliding along the ocean bottom, the moonlight’s glow casting their wings as larger than life shadows on the sand below us. A sight one will never forget.
Another unforgettable memory is of their cousins, the stingray. Hiding quietly in the shallows of our sandy shoreline, until someone forgets the “Stingray Shuffle” and gets nailed by their barbed tail.
I have had the unfortunate privilege to be struck three times by the incredible pain that comes with disturbing these beautiful creatures, and it was these moments of excruciating pain that gave me the motivation to turn an uncomfortable experience into motivation for art.
Proposed art installation bronze sculpture that is educational, yet represents this creature’s place in nature for the city of Encinitas. Dimensions of public art piece would be determined on the availability of space, installation all professionally engineered by Brandon Roy, founder of California Academy of Sculpture.

"Ocean Dancer" is resting on red clay,
it's harder than the gray clay,
which gives it support. Next step is to paitn on silicone,
that creates the mold for the wax.