Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Creativity is Growing

It was a great week for creativity, our yearly Mustang party, San Dieguito High Alumni get-together was wonderful. Great to see friends from 40 years ago, some who did not attend the 40 reunion joined us.
Our hostesses and Host, Janine and Greg asked me to present the Yogi Surf Crossing
T-shirts and it was a hit, did a few cash sales and used the PayPal on the spot. Yesterday the greeting cards arrived; they are so cheerful, looking forward in sharing those at the Holiday Bazaar. I posted the card on Facebook and receive compliments and cash, great combination.


After 30 hours creating the mold for Ocean Dancer II, tomorrow I will fine-tune it, then apply many coat of silicone!

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Judy Salinsky said...

Working with Brandon Roy at the California Academy of Sculpture in Fallbrook, California has been such a forfilling experience. He is a kind generous instructor, that shares all his knowledge in a soft spoken tone with patience like a Grandfather. Helen Wilson, is instructing, this semester at Palomar college, which has been a teaching experience for me, as I help the first semester students learn the many steps in creating their “Mask”.
What perfect timing, I am moving forward in creating three small rays; their setting, two swimming along side each other and the third, peeking through the sandy ocean bottom. The fourth ray is a mini-version of the larger ray which will be named Ocean Dancer II, she will be entered into the San Diego Botanical Garden 2016. Here is a look at the 2014 exhibit….

So many tasks are racing through my creative brain:
1. How large will the sculpture have to make a “statement in the underwater succulent garden?”
2. How will I raise the capital to build Ocean Dancer II
3. Where can I learn more about raising capital?
4. Learning about “Crowd Funding”
5. Where to buy the materials?
6. What is the quantity of materials that I need?
7. Is there a minimum for such materials?
8. Where will I build Ocean Dancer?
9. The slurry; how much time?
10. Raise money to pay Brandon, at California Sculpture Academy to assist in the process.
11. Finished processes, which includes;
12. Sand Blasting
13. Picking
14. Using the circular blade to cut and polish?
15. Patina, the Master Ron Young!

I went to the SDBG and measured the Octopus as suggested by a reliable source. That octopus really makes a statement and the movement is grand. She is about 30” at the base of the main body; the arms are about four feet long. This gives me an idea on the size in which I need to work.

Briefly read about “Crowd Funding and found a source from Forbes which has already research the diffidence in the sites and what they have to offer. Indiegogo is the one for me, they help you by offering manuals, suggesting to “get-the-ball” rolling before starting your campaign.

Grants are another opinion; hopefully I can find help for writing a grant.