Monday, May 19, 2014

Ocean Dancer Complete

Ocean Dancer Complete
I received an email from the San Diego Botanical Gardens, formerly Quail Gardens in Encinitas. Learning the dates January 2015 to apply for the Sculpture Garden Exhibit is very exciting for me, as I imagine Ocean Dancer swimming through the “Underwater Succulent” gardens. I will be visiting the gardens to determine the size of the public art piece.
Finish it, May 2015

Next email was sent to the City of Encinitas:
Proposed art installation bronze sculpture that is educational, yet represents this creature’s place in nature for the city of Encinitas. Dimensions of public art piece would be determined on the availability of space, installation all professionally engineered by Brandon Roy, founder of California Academy of Sculpture.

Also, I may have a buyer for the prototype! The buyer suggested a light patina. That is no problem; we will do a light sand blast and reapply the light patina.

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