Thursday, May 8, 2014

Swimming Forward

It is difficult to put into words, the excitement I am feeling over this little creation.
Spending the extra hours smoothing out Ocean’s Dancers skin really paid-off. Nick mentioned that the casting “popped” right off and no divots. That’s what I personally call the small imperfections which may occur, if the clay mold is not touched up. There were a few bubbles which were welded and removed, adjustment on her tail and fin were made.

The “sea-foam” green stone will be the support along with the sea grass. Polishing, sand-blasting and the Patina will finish her off. The response has given me such pride, each ray will have their own movement and grace.

Picking out Base

After the cleaning process of sand blasting, sanding,
picking out ceramic by hand, this is the end result.

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