Thursday, September 24, 2015

Picture Tell Thousand Words

Rough first thought for piece

Pie tin makes great base

The pieces are complete, time to assemble them in a way that can give the welders an idea on how to put the pieces together. I have learned to draw everything out, explain everything over and over again. Remember one person’s yellow is another person’s Cadmium Yellow Light, same with sculpture, draw out the design so everyone gets the “picture” of what you want.

That being said, I took cardboard, wire, paper, glue and a pie tin with Duct tape to create a very rough 3D image of the sculpture. It give me a visual guide, to see if I am on track. It gives the foundry an idea on how I would like the project to look. Which is turn, gives the people that are doing the welding ideas to help me improve the position of all the parts.

Cardboard makes great pedals

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