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Getting professional help in writing a proposal from my cousin has helped me answer important questions about my crowd funding. The following questions have been asked and I have been researching the answers.

Who: Is there space to tell who you are:
Award-winning artist Judy Salinsky strives to interject her creative attitude and optimism into all her artistic endeavors. For the past two decades she has studied with many well-known artists such as Sebastian Capella, Robert Watts, Ron and Vanessa Lemen. Not one to limit her interests, Judy works with a variety of subjects and mediums, and recently found herself delving into the three-dimensional world of bronze sculpture, winning first place at both the 2014 San Diego County Fair and Del Mar Art Show. Along with being an accomplished oil painter, Judy spent many years working as a graphic artist and commissioned illustrator for the New York Zoo, the Living Desert in Palm Desert, California, as well as teaching art at the community college level. Judy, a California native, describes herself as a dedicated professional artist with eclectic interests.

What: Bronze Sting Ray Sculpture with a wing spanned of 28” and tail length of 36” . Curved tail from base, The height, approximately height of forty inches. The rods will be hidden by the flowing kelp and give support to the ray, extending the ray in mid-air creating an appearance of swimming.

Why: My intention is to cast a large bronze stingray sculpture depicting beautiful stingrays in their natural habitat and install it in public view with a plaque educating beach-goers on the presence of these creatures, and how to safely enjoy the beach, protecting themselves and the stingray habitat at the same time.

Where:       “Sculpture in the Garden”
San Diego Botanical Sculpture Garden
230 Quail Gardens Dr, Encinitas, CA 92024

When: April 2016

What you've done so far?
Created (1) Award winning Bronze Ocean Dancer I, a single standing sculpture measuring 7x7x9”.
Small Marquette studies, Trio of rays, and “Work in Progeress” Marquette of Ocean Dancer II.

How long would it take you to do
this once you get the money?
Short Term:
Work in progress with Trio of Rays, which is the Marquette study, estimate time of completion; February 2015
Work in progress with Single Ocean Dancer II, Marquette study, estimate time of completion; February 2015

Long Term:
Steps in finished Single Ocean Dancer II.
3-D scanned to produce an up-scaled version of Ocean Dancer II
Wing span measuring 28”, tail length 36”.
Once model is produced, send to foam fabrication, creating a exact replica model out of foam. This is used as a replacement to an armature. The foam is sprayed to protect and clay is formed to cover the foam, which is then used as a mold for the wax. The process is the same as with the smaller sculpture, only much grander on scale, costly and done in sections. This entails cleaning any excess pieces of wax that are not part of the sculpture, smoothing out any bumps, filing in nix.
The pour is next, once cooled, cutting off excess metal welding the sections together, sanding, polishing, patching any flaws sand blasting and polishing again. Welding the sculpture together and repeating the same process until all pieces are one with the art form.
The Patina is ready to be applied.

The Cost:
Short Term Estimated Cost at this time 4,570.
3-D Scan                                    250.
Data Collected & Cleaned         300.
Fabricated Foam                      1000.  
Modeling Clay                           275.
Armature                                     50.
Mold Support                            500.  
Labor                                         800.
Disks                             200.
Patina                            100.

Foundry Usage                           375.
·      Fuel to Drive to Foundry 3 times per week
o   30. per Week
o   X 4 weeks =        120.                                      
X 6 months                               720.

Estimated at this time             4,570.

 “Give Aways” Incentives

$ 5 USD                                   cost                 .00     x          20=      100.00                       100.00
Ocean Dancer 
Thanks you !!            

$ 25 USD                                cost                  1.75     x          20=      35.00                        500.00       
Ocean Dancer~PostCard

$ 50 USD                                cost                  2.75     x          30=      82.50                       1,500.00       
Ocean Dancer~Poem

$ 75 USD                                cost                  6.75     x          20=    135.00                         1,500.00          
Matted Print of                                                                                   

$ 100 USD                              cost                  16.75   x          20=      335.00                       2,000.00 
Poem with T-shirt

$ 150 USD                              cost                  21.25   x          10=      212.50                        1,500.00
Post Card

$200 USD                               cost                  28.00   x          10=        280.00                         2,000.00
Post Card
Poem                                                                                                  1,180.00                        9100.00
Print & Matt of 

My Time                                                                                                                    3,350.

Incentive Cost                                                                                                           1,180.

Estimate Cost                                                                                                             4,570.
Long Term Estimated Cost at this time                                                 9,100.00                             

Is there some number of how many people get
 stung in a summer?
A census of rays in Seal Beach, California found that about 16,000 rays live along just a few hundred yards of shoreline. And, not surprisingly, the area reports more stingray injuries than any place on Earth — about 400 a year.

Awareness at all beaches.
Solana Beach awareness on their city web page

Do they go to hospitals?
Small precentage of people may need advance medical help due to infection or barb still in skin.

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