Monday, December 15, 2014

Today is a presentation in Sculpture lecture, 5 minutes to convey my message.

Judy Salinsky

Title of the Work: Ocean Dancer II

Growing up on the beach, has brought me into contact with a variety of marine life living off our California Coast. The one creature that stands out the most is the California Round Stingray, (Urolophus halleri). The purpose of my sculpture is to bring awareness to the public about these wonderful creates and the interaction when entering their domain.

Bronze Sting Ray Sculpture with a wing spanned of 21” and tail length of 36” . Curved tail from base, The height, approximately height of forty inches. The rods will be hidden by the flowing kelp and give support to the ray, extending the ray in mid-air creating an appearance of swimming.


My intention is to cast a large bronze stingray sculpture depicting beautiful stingrays in their natural habitat and install it in public view with a plaque educating beach-goers on the presence of these creatures, and how to safely enjoy the beach, protecting themselves and the stingray habitat at the same time.

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